Our Mission

To inspire a generation of composers

We make inspiring sounds for composers – made in collaboration with sonic pioneers like Hans Zimmer and the world's finest musicians and studios.

the Basics

We work with the world’s best composers, producers, engineers and studios to create detailed, sophisticated and realistic recordings of instruments. Our virtual instruments and sample libraries enable you to perform and compose within your DAW (Digital Audio Workstation), offering you thousands of sounds at your fingertips for endless inspiration. 

Create an account with us here to download our libraries directly to your computer. 

A great starting point is our LABS programme — an infinite series of software instruments, made by musicians in London for anyone anywhere. Free to install and easy to use, these plugins work directly within your DAW.

I love LABS. What's next?

We have started releasing a new series of instant and affordable cinematic writing tools — Originals. The samples have been simplified and presented in our free, easy-to-use plugin. Clutter-free and focused, it features sliders for expression and dynamics, and a digital mod wheel that can be easily customised to your personal workflow. 

Some of our sample libraries such as our free LABS series, Eric Whitacre Choir or Hans Zimmer Strings (see below) have been made in our own dedicated, award-winning plugin, and will work directly inside your DAW. But to use most of our libraries, you must install either Kontakt Player (free and available here) or Kontakt Full (buy it here). If you’re not sure which version a library requires, check the Key Stats section on the product page. 

Wait, what's a DAW?

A Digital Audio Workstation is a piece of software that enables you to record, play back and edit audio and MIDI data. Software instruments such as ours are controlled by MIDI data and are inserted as plugins into your DAW. Many DAWs are available with free or demo versions to help you get started and work out what suits you best — choose from Ableton, Logic, Cubase, GarageBand, or Pro Tools.

The Story

Since 2007

Spitfire Audio was founded by two award-winning composers: Christian Henson and Paul Thomson. Born out of their shared dissatisfaction for string sample libraries, they pooled their resources and decided to record their own string samples at the legendary Air Studios in London. Initially, they invited a limited number of friends and associates to own copies of their samples, but whispers of this private sample club soon started to echo across the Atlantic Ocean throughout the composer community. Within a year, some of the most renowned composers in film and television signed up, so Paul and Christian decided to take their samples public. 

To date, Spitfire Audio has recorded and released over 100 sample libraries. We have collaborated with some of the biggest names in media composition, including Hans Zimmer, Eric Whitacre, Ólafur Arnalds & the London Contemporary Orchestra. Our sounds are heard in everything, from major Hollywood film scores to recordings by Radiohead and U2. Paul and Christian’s initial side project is now a thriving international music technology enterprise, with a uniquely experienced and diverse workforce, all focused on a shared mission: to inspire a generation of composers. Our composer team remains at the centre of the business, drawing on their own experience as obsessive music makers to explore the needs and wants of their fellow composers. 


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